Further administrative bodies of the Society - in addition to the Executive Committee and the General Assembly - are committees or commissions.

Further administrative bodies of the DGPs in addition to the Executive Committee and the General Assembly are the Professional Tribunal empowered to take disciplinary actions, and the committees or commissions. The Executive Committee may appoint commissions to address special scientific as well as organizational issues, and decides on the task, the composition, and the convening of said commissions. The General Assembly may also call for the establishment of a committee for a given task if they gain the majority of the votes from members with voting privileges.


-        Ethics Commission

-        Commission for Psychology in Teacher-Training Courses

-        Commission for Testing Applications for the Accreditation of Continuing Education in Psychotherapy

-        Commission for Psychology and Psychotherapy

-        Commission for Historical Development and Perspectives

-        Commission for Academic Studies and Teaching

-        Commission for Quality in Psychological Research

-        Commission for the Seal of Quality of the DGPs

Federation Commissions (DGPs and BDP)

-        Committee for the Accreditation of Forensic Psychology

-        Federation Policies Commission on Ethics

-        Testing Board of Trustees

-        National Commission for the Recognition of EuroPsy

Other commissions outside the Federation of German Psychological Societies

-        Alliance of Psychotherapeutic Professional Associations

-        Jury for the Allocation of the "German Prize for Psychology"



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