Praktische Ressourcen für Forschung und Lehre zum Thema Open Science

Auf diesen Seiten finden Sie eine Zusammenstellung von Links zu Homepages, auf denen Sie nützliche Ressourcen zum Thema Open Science herunterladen können. Darunter finden sich unter anderem Literaturlisten für Seminare, Foliensätze, Fachartikel und Kurzanleitungen, zumeist auf Englisch und frei verfügbar. Die Links wurden von der Kommission „Open Science“ der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Psychologie zusammengestellt und kommentiert. Bei Rückfragen oder Änderungswünschen, kontaktieren Sie bitte Dr. Ulf Steinberg (ulf.steinberg (at)

Framework for Open and Reproducible Research and Training

The Framework for Open and Reproducible Research Training about itself: “FORRT brings the open scholarship and reproducible science movements to teaching and mentoring, in pursuit of the best conceivable practices in higher education. Our aspiration is to build, together with educators, a pathway towards the incremental adoption of open and reproducible science tenets in education.”

The Open Research Funders Group

The Open Research Funders Group says about itself: “ORFG is a partnership of funding organizations committed to the open sharing of research outputs. This will benefit society by accelerating the pace of discovery, reducing information-sharing gaps, encouraging innovation, and promoting reproducibility. The ORFG speaks in an amplified voice, and engages a range of stakeholders to develop actionable principles and policies that enable sharing and collaboration across the global research enterprise”

The Open Educational Resources

The Open Educational Resources say about themselves: “Our approach: Build a knowledge base platform and a community of contributors to organize information on the what, why, and how of open scholarship so it is easy to find and apply. Contributors keep the information up-to-date and curate modules for self-learning or teaching.”

Open Science Framework (OSF)

Slide decks and course syllabi for teaching open science.

Open Access Network

Discussion board of the Open Access Network (a project aimed at creating a knowledgebase on open access; funded by the German Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)).

UK Reproducibility Network’s primers

The UK Reproducibility Network’s primers provide easily accessible introductions to several open science topics. The UKRN is an association of organizations and individual members interested in open science.

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