European Diploma in Cognitive and Brain Sciences


Announcements and Call for Applications

The organizers of the EDCBS are now inviting applications for the third course of the programme; the course is going to start with the first session in September, 2005 and it is going to end with the fourth session in March, 2007. Detailed information about the course schedule, the different modules, and the application process can be obtained through this website. Please note the deadline for applications, April 15, 2005!


The main purpose of the EDCBS is to bring together highly motivated young scientists from a variety of disciplines and countries and give them advanced training over the most relevant topics, and a critical overview of current debates and controversies in the field. Also, fostering a network for future research in Europe is very important. In order to achieve these goals, a curriculum of eight modules, distributed over four sessions (Sept. 2005, March and Sept. 2006, March 2007), has been developed. The sessions’ character, with lectures by leading scientists in each field, and a focus on challenging academic debates, together with required contributions by the students, will help to achieve this goal.


In September 2005 the third course will begin. Again, excellent Ph.D. students from all over Europe and Israel are encouraged to apply to the EDCBS. The curriculum has been tailored for students from these fields: Cognitive Psychology, Neuropsychology, Neurobiology, Cognitive Neuroscience, Computational Neuroscience, and related disciplines. When developing the curriculum for this third course, the organizers have taken into account feedback and a detailed evaluation of the first two courses.


This website provides information about the two previous courses (schedules and lists of participants) and the new one. Please take your time to carefully read all the material and understand the application process (Guidelines for Applicants). Former participants will welcome your questions about their experiences. Please observe the application deadline: April 15, 2005!


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