Methods of Psychological Research

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MPR-online 1998
Vol.3 No.2

Analysis of Longitudinal Data
Special Issue
Guest Editor: Mark Stemmler

Table of Contents
Mark Stemmler,Friedrich Loesel, Hellmut Erzigkeit

Four Approaches to the Study of Stability and Change in Development
Christiane Spiel

Nonparametrical Analysis of Change Patterns in dependent Samples
Mark Stemmler

Modeling Turn-Over Tables Using the GSK Approach
Christof Schuster and Alexander von Eye

On the Specification of Models for Configural Frequency Analysis
- Sampling Schemes in Prediction CFA

Alexander von Eye and Christof Schuster

Latent Change in Discrete Data:
Unidimensional, Multidimensional, and Mixture Distribution Rasch Models for the Analysis of Repeated Observations

Thorsten Meiser, Elsbeth Stern and Rolf Langeheine

The Covariance between Level and Shape in the Latent Growth Curve Model:
An Explanation based on a simplified LISREL Model

M.J. Rovine and P.C.M. Molenaar

The neglected Time Dimension: Introducing a real longitudinal Model - Testing Latent Growth Curves, Stability, and Reliability as time-bound Processes
G. Rudinger and C. Rietz

Imputing Missing Data Values in repeated Measurement within-subjects Designs
C.R. Bingham, M. Stemmler, A.C. Petersen and J.A. Graber

Lengerich, Berlin, Düsseldorf, Leipzig, Riga, Scottsdale AZ (USA), Wien, Zagreb