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Important note: At the end of 2004, MPR-online has merged with the Spanish journal "Metodología" The name of the new journal is "Methodology" which is published by Hogrefe & Huber. The last issue of MPR-online is "MPR-online 2004, Vol.9, No.1" (see below). Authors interested in submitting methodological articles are encouraged to visit the website of Methodology (www.hhpub.com/journals/methodology/journals.html) or contact Michael Eid for further information.


MPR-online 2004, Vol. 9, No. 1


Table of Contents
Acton & Revelle (2004)
Acton, G. S., & Revelle, W. (2004). Evaluation of ten psychometric criteria for circumplex structure. Methods of Psychological Research - Online, 9(1), 1-27.
Yamaguchi  (2004)
Yamaguchi, M. (2004). The influence of the initial associative strength on the Rescorla-Wagner predictions: relative validity. Methods of Psychological Research - Online, 9(1), 29-36.
Cribbie & Jamieson  (2004) Cribbie, R. A. & Jamieson, J. (2004). Decreases in posttest variance and the measurement of change. Methods of Psychological Research - Online, 9(1), 37-55.


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