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MPR-online 1996 Vol.1 No.4
MPR-online 1997 Vol.2 No.1
MPR-online 1997 Vol.2 No.2
MPR-online 1998 Vol.3 No.1
MPR-online 1998 Vol.3 No.2
Special Issue: Analysis of Longitudinal Data
MPR-online 1999 Vol.4 No.1
MPR-online 1999 Vol.4 No.2
MPR-online 1999 Vol.4 No.3
MPR-online 2000 Vol.5 No.1
MPR-online 2000 Vol.5 No.2
MPR-online 2000 Vol.5 No.3
MPR-online 2000 Vol.5 No.4
  MPR-online 2001 Vol.6 No.1
  MPR-online 2001 Vol.6 No.2
  MPR-online 2001 Vol.6 No.3
  MPR-online 2002 Vol.7 No.1
  MPR-online 2002 Vol.7 No.2
  MPR-online 2002 Vol.7 No.3
  MPR-online 2003 Vol.8 No.1

MPR-online 2003 Vol.8 No.2

Special Issue: Structural Equation Models


MPR-online 2003 Vol.8 No.3

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