“Why C(omp)ARE? Research across species and cultures to understand the human mind”:

6th Nov 2015 Cross-species perspectives on the human mind (Freie Universität Berlin)

7th Nov 2015 Cross-cultural perspectives on the human mind (Leipzig University)

Aiming to understand human psychology benefits from a frame of reference against which to assess it. The comparison with the psychology of other animals can provide such a frame of reference and thereby contribute to the extraction of the definitive characteristics of the human species.

Aiming to understand human psychology additionally benefits from considering all its culture-specific incarnations to avoid a misrepresentation of the human condition.

A perspective on human psychology that assesses it against a phylogenetic frame of reference and makes use of the diversity of human psychology is no longer restricted to mechanistic description but can provide depth in both description and explanation.

This symposium aims to promote this comparative perspective within psychology by presenting exciting and cutting-edge research of extraordinary scientists applying cross-species and cross-cultural perspectives on questions on the human mind.


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