M.Sc. Learning Science


The aim of the four-semester Elite study programme MSc in Neuro-Cognitive Psychology (NCP), funded by the Elite Network of the Bavarian Ministry of Sciences, Research and the Arts, is to train a select group of about 20 students each year (recruited world-wide) in both methodological and conceptual topics in this neuroscience-oriented discipline of psychology and to provide an education that competes with the best international programmes.

Educational OrganisationIn the first two semesters students study an optimally structured, broad curriculum, learning state-of-the-art basic scientific knowledge. The second part of the programme provides students with the opportunity to specialise and expand their knowledge in particular modules by participating in two full-time research projects between lecture periods and by advanced optional courses on current research topics in the third semester. The fourth semester is set aside for writing a Master's thesis.

The interdisciplinary Psychology Master’s Program in the Learning Sciences is offered by the Munich Center of the Learning Sciences (MCLS). It combines skills and expertise from the fields of psychology and education – and has a clear focus on learning, research and excellence.

The master's program is research-oriented program and promotes a selected group of highly motivated students to engage in state-of-the-art research in the internationally emerging field of the Learning Sciences. The program encompasses knowledge and skills training in interdisciplinary knowledge, research methods, and transferable skills related to the Learning Sciences.

It prepares and qualifies students for positions in research on learning. Many graduates choose to continue their studies by registering for the MCLS Doctoral Training Program or other Ph.D. degrees. Others go on to apply their knowledge in the fields of learning, training or evaluation – in both educational institutions and the business world.


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Department Psychologie

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Regelstudienzeit (Semesteranzahl): 4

Durchschnittliche Studienzeit (Semesteranzahl): 4

Geplante Praktikumsdauer (Wochen): 10 Wochen


Angebote innerhalb des Studiums:

The program includes the following core themes:

• Cognition, emotion, learning and development
• Learning, instruction, training and technology
• Psychology of excellence and diversity

In addition, it supports skills development in counseling and statistical methods.


The Psychology Master’s Program in the Learning Sciences is an international master’s program that builds on well-established networks with other German and international universities, such as the Munich Center of the Learning Sciences, which maintains a network with more than 30 universities with internationally acknowledged expertise in the field of the Learning Sciences. Thus the program study provides students with a multicultural experience.
Study semesters abroad may also be realised though the ERASMUS student exchange program (bilateral agreements exist with a number of prestigious European universities such as the Universidad de Barcelona, the Universidad de Zaragoza, and the University of Twente).


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Language of Instruction is English.

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