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Information for Authors

MPR-online publishes results of methodological research and presentations of new methods, models and techniques that are related to the investigation of substantive problems in all areas of psychology (see also the list of topics in the editorial of 1998). The following types of contributions are considered:

Original reports on research results.
This category includes the presentation of new models or techniques, new results on established methods, unusual applications of methods that shed a new light on existing methodology, new methodological concepts and their relations to traditional views, etc.

Survey reports.
These contributions provide an overview or survey of a method area, a general conceptual approach to some kind of research problems, a special class or type of models or techniques and, typically, present a critical evaluation of the state of the art and addresses advantages and limitations of the approach.

Reviews of electronic literature and software.
Book reviews are restricted to electronic publications only. All kinds of electronic literature related to research methodology, including issues of teaching statistics and methodology as well as computer programs available in the internet can be made subject to a brief review in MPR-online.

Computer programs.
Software products that are related to psychological research methodology, typically programs on statistical models and techniques, but also software for conducting experiments, are published in MPR-online. The program itself or a demo-version of the program should be part of the publication so that the reader can directly make use of the product.

Tutorials introduce into a restricted methodological field by using electronic and WWW presentation techniques. Some or all of the following components are linked together: mathematical basis; some historical background; methodological theory, techniques and algorithms; range of applicability; examples with real or artificial data; demonstration of software; further readings.

Notes and comments.
Comments and critical notes on earlier articles of MPR-online may be added to the published paper.

Submit your contribution via e-mail to the editor, preferably as a Word, Word Perfect or postscript file attached to the message. In case of non-standard formats of graphics or figures, a parallel sending of a hard copy is recommended. Prepare your manuscript according to the style of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association The length of the contribution should depend on its content and considerations of readability and lucidity. Formal restrictions do not exist.

Review process.
All manuscripts will be send to two anonymous reviewers. Authors should give all information that allow an identification of their names only on a cover sheet, which will be removed before sending the paper to the reviewers.

Citation of MPR-online papers. Please use the APA convention:

revised 29 April 2003