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Editorial 2003

Over the past six years MPR-Online has become an internationally oriented journal of methodology that comprises contributions from quite different areas of psychological research. MPR-Online is gaining increasing interest from all over the world and publishes articles from authors living in different continents. It is the great merit of Jürgen Rost to have founded this internationally well-established journal that uses the advantages of the internet in a rigorous way. We are very grateful for Jürgen Rost’s pioneering work in forming this first purely electronic journal of psychological methods and we are indebted to him and his extraordinary engagement for this journal. Now, after six years Jürgen Rost has finished his editorship and we wish him all the best for the surplus of time he will now have. Also the three associate editors Dietrich Albert, Marcel Croon and Rolf Steyer have terminated their editorship. All of them contributed to the establishment of this journal and to ensure its quality, and we are indebted to their work as well and thank them for their long lasting contribution.

With the beginning of this year, Rainer Westermann has become associate editor and Walter H. Schreiber is responsible for the administration of the review process and the edition of the manuscript. We are looking forward to support MPR-Online on its further way of international recognition. The aim and scope of the journal will not change. However, one of the major future tasks is to find an international publisher who take on responsibility for the editing and distribution process.

Michael Eid

Editorial 1999

MPR-online combines the positive characteristics of an internet journal, i.e. being faster than a print-journal and having unlimited space, with those of a print medium, i.e. to have – later on – something in hand that can be worked through without turning the screen on, and that can be put onto the book shelf - for all who do not believe in the reality of a virtual product.

The present print edition covers the first issue of volume 1999 which includes the abstracts of the scientific program of the 11th European Meeting of the Psychometric Society to be held in Lüneburg, 19th to 22nd July 1999 and the second issue of 1999. The electronic version guarantees quick worldwide access to the scientific topics presented at the meeting – about two months before the meeting begins. The printed volume, hopefully, will be available at the meeting – for the participants and readers of MPR.

Why put abstracts into a journal? One of the most prominent tasks when doing methodological research is to see whether somebody else is working on the same topic. Waiting for the publication of somebody’s work often means inventing the wheel twice. We therefore decided to publish all abstracts of the Psychometric Society´s 1999 European Meeting in order to give everybody the chance to see what recent topics of psychometric research are. We thus hope to motivate at least some of the readers to take another look at later issues of MPR or to make his/her own contribution to a forthcoming meeting of the Psychometric Society.

Jürgen Rost

Editorial 1998

The internet journal 'Methods of Psychological Research, MPR-online' was founded in 1996 by the Methods division of the German Psychological Societ y (DGPs). The first year of MPR-online was very successful. We published 16 articles, 2 computer programs and 3 reviews of electronic literature or software in 1996 and 1997. Reading MPR-online is free of charge - until 2000 - worldwide. MPR-online's publication time lag is short, and there is no restriction on the length of papers. All papers are published in English and, optionally, also in the authors' native language.

MPR-online has grown much since its beginning and will continue to expand. The size of the editorial board will be increased to include more international experts and at least one representative from each European country. Each year or every two years a printed version will be published containing the material of the MPR-online issues.

MPR-online represents a comprehensive spectrum of topics including

  • decision theory
  • evaluation research
  • classification theory
  • mathematical models
  • measurement theory
  • exploratory data analysis
  • test theory
  • statistics
  • structural equation models
  • research design
  • theory of science.
This range of topics is aimed at providing a welcome counterbalance to the ever increasing specialization among methodology researchers and at promoting scientific exchange among the various research areas within the discipline. Special issues of the journal that focus on themes like causal modeling or generalized Rasch models will present the state of the art in disciplines of interest.

The concept of MPR-online is continuously adapted to the ever extending possibilities of the internet market. Every effort will be made to combine the high standards of a scientific journal with the 'anything goes' attitude of the electronic world. You are cordially invited to contribute to the success of MPR-online by reading the journal and writing for it.

Jürgen Rost

Universität Koblenz-Landau
Department of Psychology