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About the German Psychological Society (DGPs)

Aims and Responsibilities

Aims and responsibilities of the German Psychological Society (the Society) are to promote and disseminate psychology as a science and profession.
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Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is responsible for managing the Society. Its officers and their functions are outlined below. The members of the Society elect the Executive Committee every 2 years by postal vote.
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Scientific Contact

The Scientific Contact assists the Executive Committee.


The office is responsible for administering the Society.

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Ethics Committee

The Ethics Committee is a further administrative body of the Society in addition to the Executive Committee and the General Assembly.

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Further administrative bodies of the Society - in addition to the Executive Committee and the General Assembly - are committees or commissions.
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The Society has set up sections to promote areas of expertise in psychology.
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Information on members is stored in a special database. For each member, you can find at least their name, location, e-mail address, and website. The office updates this database regularly.
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You can look up earlier documents in the archive. A centennial calendar also details important events in the history of psychology and in the Society.

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